Temporary Hiatus

While I am about two updates away from the end of Jackson and Pauline’s story, unfortunately my work and family commitments are going to keep me away from the keyboard until mid to late October.

Sincere apologies for this.  I’ve just been working insanely long hours at work, am getting ready for a two week trip to Argentina, and have a husband and dog that need my attention too!

I’m determined to finish their story, and the next generation has a tale I’d like to share too.  So, I’ll post and Boolprop on VSS when I’m ready to update again.

Thanks in advance for your patience. : )


Chapter 22: Pauline tells the truth

Pauline must have rehearsed a thousand different scenarios in her head, of what she would say. She had been dreading this moment. He had the right to finally know the truth, and it was time to say her final goodbyes to Jackson and the rest of her friends in Sunset Valley.

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Chapter 21: Pauline ruins her life

Anxiously, Pauline paced on her lawn as she waited.  Her cycle was late and earlier that week she nearly missed an apartment viewing because she was violently sick to her stomach.  She couldn’t afford the apartment anyways.

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Will update soon, I promise!

I had a sudden opportunity to go camping for five beautiful days at splendid Yosemite National Park.  Car camping at Tuolumne Meadows is much different than lawn camping in Sunset Valley.  I’m unwashed, weary, and still thawing, but I had a total blast!

The next update is almost done though and will hopefully be up in a few days.

Chapter 20: Jackson races against time

Once upon a time, a young pharaoh was given a magical sundial on his wedding day.  This timepiece had the miraculous ability to stop time all around the item’s holder.  With this power he was able to singlehandedly end a decades-long war and usher a new era of peace and prosperity into his land.

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Minor Update

Sorry for the delay with the update.  I was hoping to have the next chapter finished by today, but my work, social and family life has been very hectic lately!  My goal is to get the next update out before next Thursday.  Thanks for your patience. 🙂

Chapter 19: Jackson gets in over his head

Jackson awoke at the crack of dawn so he wouldn’t be late for his meeting with Sanaa Madbouli. His campground had only a single toilet stall and a fire pit, and its proximity to the river attracted mosquitoes. However, Jackson felt safer staying here than with the ruffians at the employee camp.

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