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A young man haunted by the mysterious disappearance of his parents, goes in search for the truth. A heartbroken young woman, tries to start her life over again on her own terms. Will they be able to fufill their life’s dreams and live happily ever after, without breaking any of the rules of the Sims 3 Pinstar Legacy Challenge Rules?

Chapter Links:


Chapter 1: Our hero goes in search of his past, and has a vision

Chapter 2: Boy meets girl, and almost gets arrested for trespassing

Chapter 3: Jackson makes preparations, while Pauline has a bad day at work

Chapter 4: Jackson becomes embroiled in a prophecy, and Pauline catches up on some reading

Chapter 5: Jackson does some construction, and Pauline hooks up

Chapter 6: Jackson is kind to spirits and learns a clue to his past

Chapter 7: Pauline stands up for herself, and gets invited to a party

Chapter 8: Pauline gets a makeover and on Jackson’s case. (And Tesseracta finally succumbs to writing dialogue)

Chapter 9: Jackson barks up the wrong tree, and there are more mysterious disappearances

Chapter 10: Jackson is rejected, accepted, and tempted

Chapter 11: Jackson obsesses over money and Pauline takes a shower with Thornton Wolff

Chapter 12: Jackson keeps and makes a promise

Chapter 13: Pauline attends a business dinner

Chapter 14: Pauline and Jackson inspect their new house

Chapter 15: Pauline invites an old friend to dinner

Chapter 16: Pauline plays matchmaker

Chapter 17: In which men act stupid

Chapter 18: Jackson becomes a flunky

Chapter 19: Jackson gets in over his head

Chapter 20: Jackson races against time

Chapter 21: Pauline ruins her life

Chapter 22: Pauline tells the truth


2 responses to “Chapter Links

  1. Oh, this is such an awsome legacy so far! I loved reading it.

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